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Motion Lab Resources Website – Upload/Download Area


Please remember to NEVER place any PHI information (or any patient information, for that matter) in this area!  This area is primarily for sharing MAPS related programs and source code.  This area is public, such that anyone can access it.


Also, this area may occasionally be purged.  So, please do not consider anything in this area as the “master” version of anything.



You need to decide if you’re just downloading files from this area, or if you also wish to upload (and download) files.  If you’re just downloading files, you can click the following link, and then download what you like:


Continue to FTP Area for Downloading Only  


If you wish to upload (as well as download) files, you must copy-paste the following link into the address bar of Windows Explorer (not a web browser).  You can get a fresh copy of Windows Explorer open by pressing Win+E (E).  And then copy-paste the following line, into the address bar at the top.  Once you’ve done this, you can drag-drop any files you like into this area: