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Log of Updates to the Queries Database


(In Reverse Chronological Order)



September 17, 2020    * Version 2.5

                                    * Moved the Upload All Data button to the left navigation bar and renamed to ‘Upload To SSS’

                                    * Removed the version history and point the version number to this site instead.



September 9, 2020      * Version 2.4

                                    * Revision to the decision tree query using Freeman Miller’s Knee Treatment Decision tree

                                    * A Microsoft Word report can now be generated displaying the treatment decisions for each test

                                                *The Word document will be saved in the Patients folder (and opened)

                                    * ‘Upload All Data’ button is now available on the Motion Data Export.  It can now be uploaded directly to the SSS database

                                    * LeftAnkleStrPlantarFlex and RightAnkleStrPlantarFlex from PhysicalExams has been added to the export/upload



July 22, 2020              * Version 2.3

                                    * MeanValue row excluded from SMACnet Registry export

                                    * Decision Tree - Separated into Left and Right knee evaluations

                                    * Decision Tree - Save result query to corresponding patient folder


June 24, 2020              * Version 2.2

                                    * Enhanced decision tree.  Added all decision fields to the query for testing

                                    * Optimized query for more accurate tracking services aggregate values


June 10, 2020              * Version 2.1

                                    * Added the decision tree for recommended treatments


April 20, 2020             * Version 2.0

                                    * Layout revised to use a navigation pane with buttons, similar to a website

                                    * Default 'Home' added for most frequently used

                                    * Behind the scenes work for new security standards and deployment methods

                                    * 'Create Query' added to name query and reuse it later

                                    * Motion Data Export revisions:

                                                * Additional export options created

                                                * Save date of the last export

                                                * View Export history including date exported and range of export

                                    * Hide Microsoft Access Navigation pane and toolbar when opening


December 16, 2019     * Version 1.4

                                    * Motion Data Export - option to de-identify data


December 2, 2019       * Version 1.3

                                    * Motion Data Export added


November 7, 2019      *Version 1.2

                                    * Pattern of Involvement parameter added to MAPS Search

                                    * Enhanced and standardized visual layout

                                    * Additional surgery codes added to MAPS Search

                                    * Surgery Age and Pattern of Involvement added to MAPS Search


October 16, 2019        * Version 1.1

                                    * Age and Gender parameters added to MAPS Search

                                    * Double click on a result to find matching patients in MAPS Search


July 28, 2019              * Version 1.0

                                    * Initial launch











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