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Motion Lab Resources Website – Using Power PDF

(Notes on installation of Power PDF Standard version 2014)


Power PDF Standard version 2014 is the recommended PDF creator for use with the Patients and Services Database program.  It can be procured directly from nuance.com or from amazon.com. Before installing a new version, be sure you’ve uninstalled any older versions of PDF Create and PDF Converter.  Also, this software attempts to install several features that are superfluous to the needs of a motion lab.  The steps for a minimum installation are outlined below.


These steps assume that you have already downloaded and/or purchased a copy of  Power PDF Standard version 2014 (as well as any necessary unzipping and/or unpacking), and are prepared to install it.  In addition, steps that have no options and just require a click of the “Next” button are skipped.  Also, you must accept the license agreement.


It is assumed that you will be installing the English version, but this probably makes little difference.  On the first screen that comes up with options, you will choose to install the Nuance Power PDF, but not the Nuance Cloud Connector:



After proceeding and accepting the license, you will come to a screen that ask if you wish to perform a “Typical” or “Custom” installation.  Select the “Custom” option:



Once this is selected, a “Custom Setup” screen with several options will appear.  This screen is somewhat confusing but you should de-select everything but the language support, and this should only have your language (typically English) selected.  When you’re done de-selecting everything, it should look something like the following:



There is also a second screen on the “Custom Setup” path that asks if you wish to install the PDF Convert component.  We will not need this, so un-check it:



Lastly, you will come to a screen that’s labeled “Final choices”.  We will need none of the options on this screen.  Specifically, it is not advisable to set Power PDF as your default viewer, as you will probably want Adobe Acrobat Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Standard as your default PDF viewer.  The “Final choices” screen should look like the following before proceeding:



At this point, you are ready to install the Power PDF Standard program.  You may have some additional steps regarding registration, but just follow the Nuance directions regarding these steps.


Once installed, you will have a new “Nuance PDF” print driver that will allow you to create PDF files from any software that prints.  There are additional settings within this Nuance PDF print driver, but the default settings work fine with most applications.


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