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Motion Lab Resources Website – New Installation


It has been discovered that some systems have trouble with first-time installations.  The “package” should detect that it’s a first-time installation and then “unpack” all the necessary files to get going.  All of these files will be placed in the folder where the PatientsAndServices.exe program resides, or sub-folders to that folder.


However, on certain installations, an error like the following (or a similar error) may occur:



Your error may be slightly different, but it’s not uncommon to get these “not correctly registered” errors on these first-time installations.  They seem to happen on both Windows 32-bit systems and Windows 64-bit systems, and it doesn’t matter which version of Windows is being used.  A permanent fix is being researched.  However, here’s a fix that will work in the interim.


After you get this error, go back into the folder where the PatientsAndServices.exe program resides and delete everything except this PatientsAndServices.exe program.  Then execute (i.e., double-click) this program again.  Upon this second installation attempt, everything should work correctly, and then you should never see this error again.  Apologies for this inconvenience.


There have been no reports of getting this error when an “update” takes place.  In other words, once you get going, and then replace your PatientsAndServices.exe program with a newer version, these errors are not known to occur.


Also, these errors are not known to occur when the system is already installed on a network but is being executed from a new computer.  In this situation, everything executes correctly.


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