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Motion Lab Resources Website – Information


This website is maintained for the distribution of the Patients and Services Database program, and related information.  This program is an Open Source database/program originally developed by Elroy Sullivan, PhD in conjunction with Shriners Hospitals for Children.  This entire program (including the .EXE file, all source code, the database structure, and all Microsoft Office templates) is distributed under the Open Source General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).


The installation of this program has been reworked such that everything needed is included in a single .EXE file.  If you wish to evaluate this program, simply download the .EXE file, place it in an appropriate folder on your computer, and double-click it.  If it is being executed for the first time, all necessary start-up files will be “unzipped” from the .EXE file, after which you will be taken to the Main Menu (as seen above).  If you wish to explore the networking abilities of the program, find (or create) an appropriate folder on your network and double-click the program from there.  Anyone who has access to this folder will be able to execute the program, with several workstations using it at once if you like.  (Anyone executing the program must have full read/write/create/delete rights to the folder in which the program resides.)  You can create Windows short-cuts to the program on your computer’s desktop using standard Windows commands (right-drag, drop, “create shortcut here”).


This program was initially developed for Motion Analysis Laboratories, but its use has expanded into Occupational Therapy Departments as well.  A list of some of the functions of this program are:


·        Tracking of patients, encounters, services, and surgeries.

·        Collection and reporting of lower extremity physical examination data.

·        Collection and reporting of upper extremity physical examination data.

·        Collection and reporting of SHUEE evaluation data.

·        Processing, plotting, calculating parameters, and reporting of C3D motion data.

·        Processing, plotting, and reporting of EMG data.

·        Processing, plotting, calculating weight distributions, and reporting of foot pressure data.

·        Processing, plotting, calculating consumption & cost, and reporting of O2 data.

·        Administration and reporting of PODCI functional assessments.

·        Administration and reporting of post-surgery satisfaction questionnaire.

·        Recording, tracking, and reporting of surgical procedures.

·        Recording, tracking, and reporting of surgical goals achieved.

·        Assistance with copying and editing video files.

·        Generation of comprehensive patient reports including reports for all services performed.

·        Generation of “patients needing post-op (or long-term)” report.

·        Generation of “patients not completed” report (per therapist).

·        Generation of annual summary “surgical goals achieved” report.

·        Generation of annual detailed surgical outcomes report.

·        Generation of annual departmental services performed report.


Essential data is stored in a standard Microsoft Access .MDB file with tables and fields named in a straightforward fashion.  These tables and fields are easily queried for the gathering of patient data for clinical research purposes.  In addition to the actual .MDB files, the program will create patient/encounter folders for storing all the patient support files.  This would be inclusive of patient movies, patient reports (typically in a PDF format), C3D files, GCD files, foot pressure files, O2 files, calibration files, patient pictures, plot files, etcetera.


The complete source code to this Patients and Services Database program is distributed upon request.


For the reporting abilities of this program to be fully functional, both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel will be expected on the computer executing the program.  Word and Excel versions 2010 or later are needed for correct production of all reports  (Microsoft Access is not needed for full functioning of the program, but it will be needed if you wish to perform queries on the accumulated data.)


If you wish to contact the initial developer of this program, he can be reached at elroysullivan@gmail.com.  His cell number is (832) 865-0001.



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