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Download the MAPS Queries database



By downloading this program, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this GPLv3 license.


Many versions of this PatientsAndServicesDatabaseQueries.mdb database-program may be on the website.  You will always want to download the latest version (unless given specific instructions to do otherwise).


After clicking the following link, you will be shown all the available versions.  However, please be sure to read the instructions below the line on this webpage before proceeding with any subsequent file updating/replacement.




If you are prompted for a User and Password, you can use these for downloading:


User name:  queriesdl

Password:    Queries1!



You probably shouldn’t just overwrite your existing PatientsAndServicesDatabaseQueries.mdb with the one you download.  Doing so will overwrite any queries (for research purposes or otherwise) you’ve saved in this PatientsAndServicesDatabaseQueries.mdb database.  Rather, you should just save the queries database you download in a location of your choosing.  Then, use the option in the MAPS main program’s Maintenance area for “pulling” all the updates into your current version of your existing PatientsAndServicesDatabaseQueries.mdb database.



After clicking that button, you will be asked to navigate to the new PatientsAndServicesDatabaseQueries.mdb you’ve just downloaded (possibly with a date on the file name), and then it will be used to update the one you have (saving all your existing queries).


Once you’ve performed this “update” operation, you can discard the queries database you downloaded.


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