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This program is an Open Source database/program originally developed by Elroy Sullivan, PhD in conjunction with Shriners Hospitals for Children.  This entire program (including the .EXE file, all source code, the database structure, and all Microsoft Office templates) is distributed under the Open Source General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). 


By downloading this program, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this GPLv3 license.


If you are downloading this program for evaluation/testing purposes and/or this is a first-time installation, please read this New Installation note.  (This does not apply to people downloading for updating purposes.)


If you are already using an older version of this program (or some of its components) and wish an update, simply download the program from below and use it to replace (overwrite) the version you currently have.  If new tables and/or fields have been added to the actual database (.MDB) file since your last update, these will be automatically added to your current database file without the loss of any data.  Data is never deleted during the set-up and/or update procedures of this program.


Some people have a habit of renaming their old PatientsAndServices.exe program before replacing it with a new one.  If you do this, just use todayís date as part of the name of the old one.  Also, please note that you must have everyone out of the PatientsAndServices.exe program before this update is performed, or it will not go correctly.  Typically, when you attempt to copy the new program to your server, Windows will report an error, denying the copy.


Also, if youíre in the habit of saving your old PatientsAndServices.exe programs (renamed with the date), itís probably advisable to save old copies of the PatientsAndServicesDatabase.mdb file as well (also renamed with the date).  If you have any problems with an update, you could simply go back to these prior PatientsAndServices.exe and PatientsAndServicesDatabase.mdb files, and things would be just as they were before the update.


Note that the download method was changed in 2017.  It now uses an FTP (file transfer protocol) approach.  All modern internet browsers can accommodate FTP downloads, but they may direct you to the regular Windows Explorer, depending on how your computer is setup.  Also, FTP may require that you login to get access to the files, although this web page will attempt to automatically log in.


If you are prompted for a User and Password, you can use these for downloading:


User name:  databasedl

Password:    Download1!


The latest database program can be downloaded in three different forms, PatientsAndServices.exe, PatientsAndServices.aaa, or PatientsAndServices.zip.  The first two of these are exactly the same.  The .aaa version is just to circumvent certain internet policies that donít allow downloading of .exe files.  This third (.zip) is a zipped version of the PatientsAndServices.exe file.  It is substantially smaller and may be more convenient for those who know how to unzip a file.


The following three are clickable download links:








And, if you have trouble with the above, you should be able to log directly into this site as an FTP user with the following link:




For validation purposes, the current unzipped file size is:  168,648,704 bytes.



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