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Motion Lab Resources Website C3D Reader


This C3D Reader program is an Open Source program originally developed by Elroy Sullivan, PhD.  This entire program (including the .EXE file and all source code) is distributed under the Open Source General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). 


By downloading this program, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this GPLv3 license.


To download this C3D Reader program, click the following link:




As a note, some internet connections disallow the downloading of .EXE files.  If you have this problem, the best that can recommended is to get onto a network that does not have these restrictions, or consult with your I.T. department and see if they can circumvent these restrictions.  Elroy Sullivan, PhD personally compiled and created this .EXE program and will guarantee that it contains no viruses. 


In addition to distributing the executable, the source code to this C3D Reader program can also be downloaded. It is written in VB6, and you are on your own finding a copy of the VB6 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which would be required to view and further develop this source code. The source code can be downloaded from the following link:





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